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Environmental Responsibility

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Autobell® Cares About the Environment

At Autobell®, we are committed to environmental protection and water conservation. Recycling, water management, and using only biodegradable soaps and solutions are among our top priorities.

Autobell® Car Wash is in the water management business. We use only state-of-the-art car wash technology that allows our facilities to treat 100% and recycle up to 100% of wash water, and we dispose of treated wash water only into approved water treatment facilities. In a typical 20-minute home car wash, up to 150 gallons of water can be used. If performed on the driveway or other impervious surface, a home car wash can send soapy water, grime, and other pollutants into storm drains, flowing directly into creeks and streams and damaging aquatic life and our drinking water supply. By educating our customers and the general public on the environmental benefit of professional car washes, we hope to reduce the amount of untreated water that flows into our water supply. One Autobell® unit even includes a bio-retention pond and rain garden to further assist in the treatment and conservation of rain water runoff. Our newer stores utilize an Aqua Bio 100% water reclaim treatment system in which microbes break down and consume oil, dirt, and other pollutants to produce clean, clear water ready for reuse, with no harmful byproducts or residuals. In 2009 Autobell® joined the WaterSavers® Program offered by the International Car Wash Association. The program was designed to create a new level of commitment to water quality and conservation by car washes. Autobell is proud to be a WaterSavers® Member at each of our locations.

Autobell® also offers a Car Wash Fundraising Program, which discourages wasteful and polluting “parking lot” car washes by instead providing nonprofit and charitable groups discounted professional car wash certificates to sell for fund raising.

In addition to our recycling and water management measures, Autobell® Car Wash routinely performs preventive maintenance on our equipment to avoid spills and leaks. We also train employees how to conserve water at the store level on a daily basis. These efforts include checking hoses and nozzles for leaks and wear, sweeping our lobbies and lots rather than spraying them down with water, and using the towel washing machine only when full.

Additionally, since 2000, Autobell® Car Wash employees have participated in an annual creek walk of Little Sugar Creek in Charlotte. The creek walk is part of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities Department Adopt-A-Stream program wherein volunteers walk creek beds and banks and collect trash and debris. Autobell® employees volunteer but are “on the clock” while participating. Employees in the Asheville, NC, and Atlanta, GA, areas also participate in similar clean-up programs each year.

At Autobell® Car Wash, we know water is precious. Whether through our Car Wash Fundraising Program or daily business practices, we strive to make the best use of our water resources and to educate our customers and the general public on the value of recycling and proper wastewater disposal. We believe this will directly improve the quality of water in our communities now and for years to come.

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