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What forms of payment does Autobell® accept?

We accept the following forms of payment at all locations:


Credit/debit including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover

Apple Pay

Google Pay

How long will a car wash take?

Our standard interior/exterior car wash is typically completed in just minutes.

Do you need an appointment?

You do not need an appointment. We provide a high-quality car cleaning on your schedule.

Can I drop off my car?

Because our standard interior/exterior wash is completed in just minutes, there is no need to drop off your car. Also, we encourage you to be available when the car is finished to inspect it while a team member is available to answer any questions.

What if I am not satisfied with my car wash?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your car wash, please find the manager on duty, and he/she will make sure you leave with a brilliant clean. Please bring your receipt to the same location and speak with the manager-on-duty.

Is tipping required?

You get a brilliant clean by our team members without tipping. If you choose to tip a team member, you can do so with cash or purchase a tip voucher with a credit or debit card at the register.

Do tip vouchers expire?

Yes. They are only valid for the day you purchase them.

Are you open during… Rain? Cold? Holidays?
  • Rain? We are open even when it rains. There is no time like the present to get your car cleaned, especially the interior of your vehicle.
  • Cold? Even in temperatures below freezing, we are open. Our equipment is able to safely clean your vehicle during freezing temperatures.
  • Holidays? Autobell® is open 362 days a year. We are closed Easter, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.
  • Snow? Once roads are passable for team members, we are open when it snows. We clear our lots before opening to be ready for customers.
  • Hurricane? In case of a hurricane or other natural disaster, we will stay open as long as possible. We will make decisions at the time of those events to ensure the safety of our customers and team members. If there is a closure, we will reopen as soon as it is safe for our team members to return to the location.

Feel free to call us at 1 800 582 8096 if you have questions. We are here to help.

Do you offer a Rain Check Policy?

We offer something even better! At Autobell® Car Wash, we know that no matter how brilliant a clean we give your car, life has a way of happening. That's why every Autobell® Car Wash comes with the Autobell® Life Happens Promise. Just come back to the car wash with your original receipt, and we will re-clean your car free of charge!

Do you sell Gift Cards?

Yes. You can purchase gift cards in denominations from $10 to $100 at any location during regular business hours, or in the Shop Now section.

Can I use a gift card, Unlimited℠ card, or gift certificate at any location?

Autobell® gift cards, gift certificates, UnlimitedSM cards, or any other Autobell® promotional coupons or items can be used at any Autobell® location unless otherwise noted on the item.

How often should I wash my car?

Auto manufacturers suggest that your vehicle be washed after every weather event; a regular wash schedule is recommended to protect and maintain the exterior and interior of your vehicle. If you drive every day, we recommend once per week, and no less than once per month.

What should I do to apply for employment at Autobell®?

To apply for a position with Autobell®, please complete our online application at for each location you would like to be considered.

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Ask us here, and we will get back to you quickly.

services and pricing

Does Autobell® hand wash?

Autobell® uses only the latest in car wash technology to clean the exterior of your car. Scientific studies conclude that hand car washing is a less safe method to wash your car than Autobell®’s state-of-the-art car wash equipment. The same type of equipment is used by car manufacturers throughout the world, including Ford, Volvo, General Motors, Saab, and many others.

Does Autobell® hand wax?

Instead of a hand wax, we offer our polish, sealer,and AUTOGLOSSSM . The polish and sealer add shine to your vehicle’s surfaces and improve and maintain your vehicle's finish. AUTOGLOSSSM is a premium finishing product that bonds to the paint, chrome, and plastic on your car’s exterior. AUTOGLOSSSM reduces surface adhesion while maintaining that new car shine. By using AUTOGLOSSSM on a regular basis, you won’t need to hand wax your car. These three products provide excellent protection and keep your car looking new.

Does Autobell® wash engines?

At Autobell®, we do one thing and do it well: we wash the interior and exterior of your vehicle and get you back on the road quickly. Engine cleaning is not part of our service offerings at this time to wash any mechanical parts under the hood.

Does Autobell® vacuum my trunk or cargo area?

A trunk vacuum can be added to any interior cleaning option. Please request this service from the cashier at the register.

Which areas of the vehicle’s interior do you vacuum during the Master AutoVac® service?

We use a set of specialized tools to clean under the seats, between the seats and center console, and between the seats and door jamb. Pet hair removal is completed with a set of specialized tools, offered only with the Master AutoVac® service.

How long will the Master AutoVac® service take?

Depending on the level of interior vacuuming and pet hair removal your vehicle requires, we spend 15 – 20 additional minutes completing the Master AutoVac® service after your vehicle has gone through the car wash.

Can I add Master AutoVac® to my car wash after I received the standard interior vacuuming service?

Yes! Please see any Team Member to add the Master AutoVac® service to your vehicle before leaving.

Can I purchase the Master AutoVac® service when I just want my interior vacuumed?

The Master AutoVac® service is available as an add-on to any wash with interior cleaning. This service is an additional level of interior vacuuming for your vehicle. We clean under the seats, between the seats and center console, and between the seats and door jamb. Pet hair removal is completed with a set of specialized tools offered only with the Master AutoVac® service.

app unlimited℠ plans

If I cancel my App Unlimited℠ plan, can I still use it?

Your App UnlimitedSM Plan will continue to work until the auto renewal date.

How do I switch the vehicle on my App Unlimited℠ plan? Can I transfer my plan to a different vehicle?

Go to the “Customer Feedback Form” located under “More” on the App, complete the contact form, and an Autobell® Team Member will update your vehicle information.

Can I use my wallet credit to pay for my App Unlimited℠ Plan?

The credit in your wallet can be used to purchase App UnlimitedSM upgrades, single wash, or an App Gift Card. App UnlimitedSM is automatically charge to your credit card.

Can I use my App Unlimited℠ Plan on multiple vehicles?

App Unlimited SM Plans are valid for use on one vehicle only. When you set up your App UnlimitedSM Plan, you add your vehicle information and license plate number.

Can I use my App Unlimited℠ Plan without my phone?

Since your App UnlimitedSM Plan is connected to your mobile device, the device must be present to redeem your wash.

My App Unlimited℠ Plan recharges between the 29th and 31st, when will it recharge?

Your App UnlimitedSM Plan will recharge on the anniversary date of purchase, called an anchor date. If a month does not have an anchor date it will bill on the last day of the month.

How many users can I share my garage with? 

Primary Users may share a garage with (1) Authorized User per active Unlimited plan.

Our household has two separate plans. Can we share garage access with each other?

Yes, one or both Primary Users can share Authorized User access with the other for each active Unlimited plan.

How are Authorized Users notified when a garage is shared?

Authorized Users receive an email to their address input by the Primary User notifying them of shared garage access.

My Authorized User does not have the app, how can they wash my vehicle?

Your Authorized User must download the app and create an account using the email that received the invitation notification.

How can I remove shared access as Primary User?

Primary users can remove Authorized Users from their garage by:  

  • Select “More” > “Shared Garages”. Select the correct Garage from the dropdown > Tap the Trash Can beside the user to delete > Tap “Confirm”.
How can I remove shared access as an Authorized User?

Authorized Users can remove themselves from a shared garage by: 

  • Select “More” > “Shared Garages”. Select the correct Garage from the dropdown > Tap “Remove My Access from This Garage” > Tap “Confirm”.
What access does an Authorized User have?

Authorized Users can see the vehicles within a garage shared with them. They will not see any additional garages a primary user has unless they are also shared with the Authorized User. They will also be able to see washes from the shared garage that were issued through their account.

What access is not available to an Authorized User?

Authorized Users do not have access to a Primary User’s account features and cannot adjust billing, plans, personal information, or any vehicle information.

If I cancel one of my plans, can my Authorized Users stay in my garage?

When a Primary User cancels an Unlimited plan, they are prompted to remove an Authorized User.

Will an Authorized User be notified if access is reduced from a garage?

No, an Authorized User will simply be unable to view or access a previously shared garage once access is reduced.

What causes an Authorized User to receive the error message “plan is not available - contact the primary user”?

Typically, the primary user canceled the plan, or the payment failed on the plan. The Authorized User will need to contact the Primary User for more information. Primary Users may contact Customer Care for additional assistance or further information.

online purchases

What forms of payment does Autobell® accept for online purchases?

Online purchases can be made with any Visa, Mastercard or American Express through our secure payment processing system.

Can I send eGift Card and eTickets as gifts?

Yes, any eProduct can be sent as a gift to a recipient of your choosing with a personalized message. All that is required is the recipient's email address. The recipient will receive the eProduct instantly to their email inbox. If you do not wish for them to receive it at the time of purchase, schedule the eProduct to be sent at 9am EST on a future date.

Why haven't I received my order confirmation email or eProduct?

1. First, check your spam/junk/promotions folders in your email.

2. Verify that your email address was entered correctly through the My Orders section of the My Account page.

3. Add to your contact list, and then click Resend from Order Details in My Account.

4. If you still do not see your email, contact us here, and we will reissue the email to you.

Do I need to use a cell phone to redeem eProducts?

No, while you may redeem any eProduct from a mobile device, you may also print the email with the barcode image and show that to the team member at any wash location.

Why can't I change the quantity of items in my cart?

This may be linked to the browser you are using. To solve this, please remove the item from your cart and re-add the exact number that you would like to purchase.

Why am I unable to add items to my shopping cart?

The version of your browser may affect your interaction with the shopping cart. We recommend clearing your cache and using Google Chrome or Firefox internet browsers for purchases.

fundraising program

How do I get started with my Autobell Fundraiser?

Please return to our Fundraising page and click on the link How to Get Started to review and print the Autobell® Fundraising Program details.

How does each Fundraising Program work?

Please return to our Fundraising page and click on the link How to Get Started to review and print the Autobell® Fundraising Program details.

Our organization previously conducted a fundraiser through Autobell. How do I renew or update my application?

Each organization is required to submit a new application and any required documents each year.

What is the turnaround time for receiving a reply regarding the status of my application?

Please allow 7 business days for the fundraising team to complete the approval process.

I am having difficulty uploading my 501(c) (3) documents with the application.

Please complete the fundraising application. The documents can be scanned and sent via email to or faxed to 704-731-7960.

Is our organization required to sell a minimum number of fundraising gift cards?

We require each organization to sell a minimum of 25 gift cards to fulfill an order.

Is there a limit on the number of fundraising gift cards our organization can purchase?

We do not have a limit on the number of fundraising gift cards your organization can purchase through our pre-sell or prepaid programs.

Can we request additional gift cards after we have started our fundraiser?

Additional gift cards can be requested within the 30-day fundraising time frame.

How will I receive my fundraising gift cards?

Autobell provides two options for receiving fundraising gift cards. Please indicate the preferred method when submitting your application.

1) Gift cards are sent via UPS to the shipping address provided on your application, or

2) Gift cards can be picked up at our home office located in Charlotte, NC.

What are my payment options?

We accept a check from the organization, money order, certified bank check, or credit card as forms of payment. Cash payments are not accepted.

Can we advertise our fundraiser via our social media sites?

Autobell must approve any social media, advertising, fliers, or promotional materials not provided by the Fundraising Team. Please submit a copy of the verbiage and/or pictures you want to use.

How do I submit a donation or sponsorship request?

Please submit your donation / sponsorship request to

Who can I speak with regarding payment or any additional questions about our fundraising program?

Request contact from our Fundraising Team through our Fundraising Contact Form.

Can our organization return fundraising gift cards if we are unable to sell the gift cards?

Gift Cards cannot be returned.

What happens if the fundraising gift cards are lost or stolen?

Fundraising gift cards cannot be replaced.

Do the fundraising gift cards expire?

The fundraising gift cards do not expire.

Where can I use my fundraising gift card?

The fundraising gift card can be used at any Autobell® Car Wash location.

What can I purchase with the Autobell fundraising gift card?

The fundraising gift card can be used at any Autobell® Car Wash for interior and exterior wash services listed on our Services and Pricing Menu.

Do you have a price list?

Please visit Services and Pricing on our website menu to view our interior and exterior wash services.

Can I use the Fundraising gift card to purchase an Unlimited Plan, an item via Autobell’s® website, a promotional item, or a special sale item?

Gift cards can only be used at one of our store locations for interior and exterior wash services listed on our Services and Pricing Menu. Promotional or special sale items are excluded.

Can I use the fundraising gift card to pay for a tip?

The fundraising gift card cannot be used to pay for a tip.

How do I check the balance on my fundraising gift card?

Gift card balances can be checked by the cashier at any Autobell® Car Wash location.

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