Congratulations to our Top 50 Sellers during our Anniversary Sale this year! Your hard work is greatly appreciated, and we couldn’t have had a successful sale without all our team members helping drive the promotion.

Top Seller Lukas

Coming in 1st place was Lukas Digeronimo from store #51 in Raleigh, NC. He was able to sell an average of 40.5% Anniversary Sale tickets to the number of cars he rang up. We asked Lukas to share some insight into his success in maintaining a high average.

“First, thank you to the crew and managers at my store. I couldn’t have done this without their support. Reading the body language of the customer and adjusting your pitch is vital during the sale. As our Anniversary Sale got extended out two weeks at a time, I had to change my pitch to customers who were coming back with their second ticket from the first time I sold them a set. This is our best sale with our best wash! Don’t forget, when they do come back, you can pitch Rain Repellent or Armor All as an add-on.

Additionally, you must pitch to everyone who comes in regardless of what they are buying that day. I sold tickets to Ride-Thru and Unlimited customers; that they make great gifts and never expire are important selling points to share.”

Below are the Top 50 Sellers!

Annv Top50 01 436 X442
Annv Top50 02 436 X442