Plan payment card or add different payment method quickly!

Want to change your UnlimitedSM Plan payment to a new method? These quick steps will have your plan updated quickly.

1. Open your Autobell® App and tap the "Garage" icon on the bottom navigation bar.

2. Next, tap the vehicle you want to update the payment details on (light blue bar will appear behind selected vehicle), and tap the vehicle again to proceed to the edit vehicle screen.

3. In the "Payment Method" area select "Change" to the right in the box.

4. Tap "Add new payment method" and enter new card details.

5. Select "Set up" and your new payment method will be saved. You will receive a message that your new payment method has been added.

6. Select the payment card for the plan so the radial is filled in red and tap "Set Payment Method."

You will receive a message that the payment method has been updated on the screen.

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