Welcome back!

Ready to reactivate your plan? Follow the simple steps below to get you back up and running on the Autobell® app.

1. Open your Autobell App and tap the "Garage" icon on the bottom navigation bar.

2. Verify the App says "All Vehicles" in the top left corner. If not, tap the garage name and select "View All" at the top of the garage list.

3. Next, tap the vehicle you want to reactivate (light blue bar will appear behind selected vehicle), and tap the vehicle again to proceed to the edit vehicle screen.

4. Select "Add Plan" and tap "Select Plan" for the UnlimitedSM Plan that fits your lifestyle.

5. Ensure your payment method is up-to-date and enter any coupon code then select "Apply" before the next step.

6. Select "Checkout" and you're ready to begin using UnlimitedSM washes.