Autobell® Mobile App Unlimited℠ Plans

The new Autobell® App Unlimited℠ has arrived, and now the power is right in the palm of your hand. Upgrade or change your plan when you want and check out even faster with the new App Unlimited℠!

With four App Unlimited℠ plans to choose from, you’ll always look brilliant! Plus most plans pay for themselves in only two visits! Choose from the NEW Ride-Thru Unlimited℠ plan, Exterior Unlimited℠ plan, Full Service Unlimited℠ plan, or Super Unlimited℠ plan.

Autobell® App Unlimited℠ Benefits

  • Get 50% off your first two months!
  • No contact transactions
  • Stay organized – No more cards
  • Update your App Unlimited℠ plan anytime, anywhere
  • Coming soon... Rewards and more

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I switch the vehicle on my App Unlimited Plan? Can I transfer my plan to a different vehicle?
A: Go to the “Customer Feedback Form” located under “More” on the App, complete the contact form, and an Autobell® Team Member will update your vehicle information.

Q: Can I use my wallet credit to pay for my App Unlimited Plan?
A: The credit in your App wallet can be used to purchase App Unlimited℠ upgrades, single washes, or an App Gift Card. The App Unlimited℠ automatically charges to your credit card on file on your anniversary date.

Q: Can I use my App Unlimited Plan on multiple vehicles?
A: App Unlimited℠ Plans are valid for use on one vehicle only. When you set up your App Unlimited℠ Plan, you add your vehicle information and license plate number.

Q: How do I cancel my App Unlimited Plan?
A:  You may cancel your App Unlimited℠ Plan through the Autobell® App at any time. Your App Unlimited℠ Plan will continue to work until the auto-renewal date.

Q: Can I use my App Unlimited Plan without my phone?
A: Since your App Unlimited℠ Plan is connected to your mobile device, the device must be present to redeem your wash.

Q: My App Unlimited Plan recharges between the 29th and 31st, when will it recharge?
A: Your App Unlimited℠ Plan will recharge on the anniversary date of purchase, called an anchor date. If a month does not have an anchor date it will bill on the last day of the month.