Your Loyalty, Your Rewards

You asked, and we listened! My Autobell® Rewards program is here. As an Autobell® Unlimited car wash user, you can experience the convenience of unlimited washes year-round. Now, with My Autobell® Rewards, your loyalty brings even greater rewards to your car wash routine.

Why My Autobell® Rewards?

- Exclusive 13th month free* reward for Autobell® Unlimited users.
- Earn Bells for all other in-app qualifying purchases.
- Redeem bells for Autobell® app gift cards to save on future in-app purchases.

How It Works: New Users

- Download the Autobell® app.
- Sign up for Autobell® Unlimited.
- Enjoy Unlimited washes throughout the year.
- Reach the 12-month milestone and unlock your 13th month FREE!

If you are already an Autobell® Unlimited user, simply open the app to access your rewards.

Ready to Level Up Your Car Care? Experience the ease of endless washes and the added bonus of a free 13th month! Drive into a world of exclusive rewards with My Autobell® Rewards program – because your loyalty deserves to be celebrated!

Don't wait to start saving! Download the Autobell® app to start earning with My Autobell® Rewards.

See full terms & conditions for My Autobell® Rewards here.

Still have questions? Read more on My Autobell® Rewards FAQs:

My Autobell® Rewards FAQs

What is My Autobell® Rewards?

My Autobell® Rewards program is our way of thanking our valued customers. It's a rewards program designed just for you. Customers who download and make qualifying purchases through the Autobell® app will earn reward points called “Bells” that are redeemed for Autobell® app gift cards.

How do I join?

Joining is easy! Simply download the Autobell® app, create an account, and start earning Bells. If you already have an account or an Unlimited plan with Autobell®, you’re automatically enrolled. Simply open your Autobell® app and view your rewards page to see your progress.

What are qualifying purchases in the Autobell® app?

Qualifying purchases made in the Autobell® app include all single wash purchases, add-on services, add-on services to your Unlimited plan wash, and Autobell® app gift cards. However, monthly Unlimited, Annual, Semi-Annual, business accounts, and other discounted plans will not be eligible as qualifying purchases under My Autobell® Rewards.

What are Bells?

Autobell® Bells is our way of saying “points". Each dollar you spend on qualifying purchases will equal 1 Bell.

What can I redeem my Bells for?

Bells will be earned through qualified purchases made within the Autobell® app. Bells are redeemed for Autobell® app gift cards to be used for future wash purchases, add-on services, or a monthly Unlimited plan.

How do I view my Bells?

Your Bell balance is conveniently displayed in the Autobell® app. Simply open the app and click on the “trophy” icon to view your Bells and track your progress as you wash.

Do my Bells expire?

Bells will expire in two years from the date you received them. Please see the terms and conditions for specific details on Bell expiration.

How do I redeem my Bells for Autobell® app gift cards?

Once you have accumulated enough Bells to redeem for an Autobell® app gift card, open your rewards by clicking “view rewards” or by tapping the “trophy” icon in the Autobell® app, and click “Redeem”.

Where can I access my Autobell® app gift card?

Gift cards can be accessed in the Autobell® Gift Card Wallet within the app.

How can I use my Autobell® app gift card in the Autobell® app?

Gift card balances can be applied toward single wash purchases, future Unlimited plans, and add-on services in the Autobell® app.

Do I have to be an app user to be a My Autobell® Rewards member?

Yes, to earn rewards, you must be an Autobell® app user.

Do Unlimited, Annual, Semi-Annual, or other discounted plan holders earn Bells for their monthly subscription charges?

No. Discounted plan holders are already maximizing their savings and benefits by choosing a discounted plan. However, discounted plan holders will earn Bells for any single wash, add-on services, upgrades, and gift card purchases.

How are Unlimited plan holders rewarded if they don’t earn Bells for their monthly subscription charge?

In addition to earning Bells for single washes, add-on services, upgrades, or gift card purchases, beginning 1/15/2024 all Autobell® Unlimited plan holders who have maintained 12 consecutive months on their Unlimited plan will earn their 13th month FREE. Annual, Semi-Annual, business accounts, and other discounted plans will not be eligible for the 13th month free.

What happens if I pause, cancel, or fail to complete payment for my Unlimited plan?

Unlimited plan holders must be on a monthly recurring plan for 12 consecutive months to receive their 13th month free; therefore, pausing, canceling, or failing to pay for your Unlimited plans will result in your reward progress being reset.

I already have an Unlimited plan, when does the reward program begin tracking months?

Unlimited plan holders' monthly progress begins tracking at the start of the My Autobell® Rewards program, 1/15/24.

What do I do if I encounter issues with the Rewards Program?

For any issues or questions, reach out to our customer care team at 1-800-582-8096. We're here to help ensure you have a simple and rewarding experience with My Autobell® Rewards Program.