Emplify results

Did you know Autobell has received over 12,000 responses through the Emplify survey since its inception in February of 2018? Thanks to you, our valued team members, we’ve used your feedback to make your job at Autobell even better. We wanted to highlight three items you’ve helped bring to life through feedback from the Emplify survey program.

Cool performance shirts!

We launched a new cool performance uniform shirt available for purchase by team members last year. Managers can now order dry-fit shirts as well. With the summer months just around the corner, make sure to visit our uniform website to check out all the new options!

Important note: Please download the user guide on the Howco-R1 website for instructions on accessing your account. Your credit card will be charged under the name, “ImageMark” the company that fulfills your uniform order. All orders are shipped directly to your store location.

Snappy Gifts

Our team members are the first point of contact with our customers, so we love to reward our hard-working team members who take customer service to the next level. We heard you wanted more opportunities to choose what type of WOW award you received, and that’s why we launched the Snappy Gift program to allow you to choose from a variety of gifts.

Here’s what some of our team members had to say about their Snappy Gift.

Tim in Chesapeake, VA: Wow! Thank you to Autobell for continuing to serve not only the customers, but our team in so many brilliant ways!”

Kayleigh in Asheville, NC: I appreciate every opportunity I’ve been given! I’m so thankful for the company and the leaders I’ve learned from along the way. I’ve made some of the best friends and enjoy everyone I work alongside! Thank you for allowing me to enjoy my days every day!”

Josh in Knightdale, NC: Thank you for all the opportunities to help me improve and get better. This is the best job out there!”

Store Cell Phones

Our Hampton Roads district is testing leaving the Autobell-provided cell phone at the store overnight. This allows our MT1 and MT2 managers an opportunity to call customers and team members without the use of their personal cell phones. We will roll out this program company-wide over that next several months.

Here's what two of our MT2 managers had to say about this new program.

MT2 Jameel in Hampton, VA: "Having the store phone makes managing the front lot easier! We can keep our eyes on the operation while making quick decisions about shift control."

MT2 Paul in Chesapeake, VA: "Leaving the store phone allows the shift manager better access to employees and allows customer concerns to be handled if they arise. Without the store phone, shift managers are more reliant on the store manager or desktop computer for all pertinent information."