Adding an Underbody Wash

Why you should add an Underbody Wash to your Exterior Cleaning

Taking care of the unseen aspects of your vehicle is just as important as the visible parts. At Autobell®, we recognize this importance and want to ensure each customer leaves with their car shining brilliantly in all areas of the vehicle. That is why we offer an underbody car wash to help ensure your car will perform to its highest standards.

Even though the undercarriage of your car is not visible, the grime can collect and begin to affect the exterior surfaces of your car. If left untreated, these particles can yield irreversible rust and paint damage. Our experts share the importance of cleaning your undercarriage and the benefits you will receive by using a professional service versus doing it yourself.

1) Is cleaning the undercarriage necessary?

The undercarriage is the home to many critical operational and safety features of your car. Tending to the needs of the entire vehicle, including the underbody, helps with the upkeep of both your vehicle’s aesthetics and safety performance.

For example, having a buildup of dirt could cause corrosion and blockage which could lead to steering and brake performance and increase the potential for accidents. Maintaining a regular car wash schedule helps ensure your car is performing at its safest, offering strong support to the longevity of power steering and brakes.

Maintaining the value of your vehicle is important too and maximizing the safety components of your vehicle with an underbody flush service helps minimize the value decrease of your vehicle over time. Removal of harmful debris and particles may seem minor, but an underbody wash can help ensure the value of your car stays at a premium. Many car resellers will notice if a car has truly been well-cared for based on an inspection of the underbody.

If a vehicle is used for regular commuting and around-town errands, it should undergo an underbody wash at least once a month to remove dirt, mud, salt, and other mineral deposits that can cling to the underbody. However, depending on the weather and where you drive, you may need to have your car professionally cleaned more often. Without the proper cleaning of any car, the value can substantially depreciate.

2) How do I benefit from an underbody wash?

Simply put, time and money! While using a garden hose can be an effective rinse to remove most of the dirt and debris under your vehicle, it is still recommended to visit a full-service car wash like Autobell® and incorporate the underbody flush. Additionally, scientific studies conclude that hand washing your car is a less safe method than the professional equipment used at Autobell®.

Exterior car wash prices can also vary depending on where you live, but Autobell® offers a variety of options for everyone. View all services and prices here.

At Autobell® the underbody wash takes only a matter of minutes and is accomplished as your car is going through the wash tunnel, giving you back time in your day. Our ride-through service uses only the latest in car wash technology to clean the exterior and underbody of your car.

As part of your underbody car wash, you can also receive a variety of additional services:

  • Robotic wheel cleaning
  • Application of a sealer
  • Application of polish
  • Double Polyprocess℠
  • Tire gloss
  • Rain Repellent
  • Armor All®

Despite the extent of the dirt buildup or rust damage, after the completion of even just a single car underbody cleaning, your car will show marked improvements.

Visit an Autobell® near you today to maximize your vehicle’s care.

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