2020 March Meet The Team

Meet Corbin Barker, Staff Accountant for Howco.

Corbin began working at store #41 in Huntersville, NC, back in August 2014 while attending college. He was seeking a degree in accounting and found the flexibility of Autobell’s scheduling to be beneficial while in school. In October 2015, Corbin transferred over to the Howco warehouse, where he began working in shipping and receiving. From confirming invoices to ensuring payment for invoices, Corbin was gaining some experience around accounting. Later he would start a three-month accounting internship at the home office in April 2016. Corbin was gaining valuable accounting experience and doing so well, his internship kept getting extended until the full-time job offer came in after he received a bachelor's in accounting at the University of North Carolina Charlotte in 2018.

What's the best thing about your job?

It is never the same day twice, for as rigid as you think accounting would be, there is always a new challenge that presents itself that keeps me on my toes.

Did you ever think you would go from detailing cars to accounting at Autobell?

I thought working at #41 was going to be temporary, because I wanted to get a job in accounting. About a year after I started at Autobell, there was an opportunity for me to learn more about accounting at the Howco warehouse. Later I would get an accounting internship at the home office, which ended up being a full-time job.

What does the future for you look like at Autobell and Howco?

I mainly do accounting for Howco, and I would love to expand more into the Autobell side and pick up more responsibilities along the way.

What advice would you give a team member starting at Autobell or Howco?

Work hard, and keep your eyes open; you never know what opportunities Autobell or Howco will present to you. There are multiple opportunities for growth at both companies!