Meet the Team Home Office Edition May 2021

Meet Frederick Grainer, a Database Administrator for Autobell.

Frederick brings a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to his position at Autobell. His 30+ years of IT experience began while he was still in college, and upon graduation, he worked as a consultant for IBM. Additionally, he has served as an Independent Consultant primarily in Retail and Manufacturing, a Senior Infrastructure and Security Analyst, and a Senior DBA during his career in IT.

What do you do in your role at Autobell?

Typically, a Database Administrator (DBA) builds, maintains, and monitors databases for an organization. Most software stores data in some type of database. For example, Autobell has Sage MAS for accounting and DRB SiteWatch for operating stores. The software vendor creates these databases, but the DBA is responsible for the databases' backup, maintenance, and health. The DBA also handles requests for custom reporting or analysis that the software systems do not provide.

At Autobell, my role includes other responsibilities outside of what a DBA typically does. All the members of the IT department work together to implement new systems or upgrade existing ones which means stepping outside of your role or "wearing different hats." This is great as I have experience in many areas of IT, and it keeps the job interesting.

My first project is the "data modernization" effort. Autobell grew almost in tandem with the Computer Revolution, so many small systems were linked together with various technologies to produce the reporting. Many of these systems are using outdated technology, which is slow and cumbersome to manage. I am currently creating a single database to replace these systems and merge the data or information from many sources for reporting and analysis. Autobell has two point-of-sale systems, four credit card processors, the Autobell App, Sage MAS, Mosaic for HR, and some custom-written software. Each of these systems contains data that is related but stored in separate databases. This is Autobell's "data lake." The goal is to create one repository to hold and merge parts of the data from each system for a single source of the truth.

What’s the best part of your job?

The best parts of working for Autobell are the positive environment and the people. I’ve never seen the level of dedication and enthusiasm about their jobs at any other company. It is also exciting to help Autobell modernize and upgrade the IT systems and infrastructure. It is challenging and allows me to be creative. I love challenges and creating systems to help improve processes.

Fredrick loves music and going to concerts; in fact, he has been to more than 300 live shows. Between spending time in the outdoors camping, kayaking, and hiking, he also enjoys photography, videography, and graphic design. Additionally, he is an FAA-licensed professional SUAV (drone) pilot.