Autobell® researches and develops new processes and procedures as new challenges present themselves. Our customers' vehicles have changed a lot in the last 51 years, and we've adapted services to align with those needs. One newer challenge is the growing number of window streaking complaints we've seen online and in-store. Our procedure to spray the window at the exit end is currently in the testing and evolvement stages.

We asked Store Manager Jerome Hopper to share his experience with our newest equipment test, the Continental Towel Machine.

New Year New Tech Copy

Streak-Free Consistency

Would you believe me if I said we haven’t had one complaint about streaky windows since February at #70? It’s true! Our new Continental Towel Machine takes most of the credit, but our team members and customers are the ones reaping the reward.

We’ve literally cut our window-cleaning time in half with this faster, easier process. First, the towels are washed and while drying, injected with an exact amount of window cleaner. No more spraying cleaner with the window sprayer, getting too much or too little. We just grab and go from a cooler where we keep them stored. Our team members will tell you this streak-free, easy way of cleaning windows has clearly made life on the lot a little brighter.

Written by Jerome Hopper, Store Manager #70 in Charlotte, NC.