Shining Bright in August 1

It was a hot and busy day at store #45 in Virginia Beach, VA, when manager Nicholas Demoss noticed an older lady walking across the store lot. An Autobell customer noticed his act of kindness and posted about it on Facebook

"At first, I thought she was looking for her car, but she was walking towards the street", stated Demoss. "I walked over and asked her if she needed help, and she stated she was trying to cross the street to the bus stop. I offered to help her cross the street safely since it’s a busy road. I didn't know anyone was watching until my manager later showed me the post on Facebook."

Shining Bright in August 2

Customer Monekia M. left store #AAB in Hendersonville, NC, a 5-star review after her recent visit to Autobell. Manager Zeke Jones and Team Member Brandon Rhodes were on a mission to save this customer time while providing an exceptionally clean car.

Brandon [Rhodes] and Zeke [Jones] did an amazing job cleaning up my work car! Could not be happier with their work and outstanding customer service. They both were polite and personable, something that you don’t see in our younger generation much anymore. Very refreshing! Thank you for a job well done and pleasant experience.”

Shining Bright in August 5

How do you make Autobell the first choice when a customer wants a clean car? Just asked Team Members Caleb Morgan and Caesar Garcia at store #82 in North Charleston, SC. Customer Tracy D. gave them a 5-star Yelp review when she visited last month.

"Caleb [Morgan] and Caesar [Garcia] did a fantastic job detailing my car. I am from Brunswick, GA, and I'm not used to getting that kind of service. These two gentlemen went out of their way to make sure that my car was pristine. Caleb walked around my car twice to make sure that he hadn't missed anything. I commented to my son that I think I'll drive to Charleston every two weeks to get my car washed! They were amazing!"

Shining Bright in August 3

Team Member Brett Martinez is all about the teamwork and making car cleaning look easy. Customer Amanda P. wrote about her experience to store #65 in Clover, SC after her sand-filled Jeep left looking new again.

Brett [Martinez] was running from one thing to the next (paying very close attention to what he was doing regardless). I watched him run to get the next cleaning tool-help a coworker-pull the next car countless times. It was very hot to be running! Not to mention his demeanor while doing so. He was pleasant and somehow managed to get all of the sand out of my Jeep! I’m a sales team manager and would take ten of him if I could! You’re lucky to have someone that takes pride in their work.”

Shining Bright in August 4

Customer Ashley P. will make Autobell her first choice when she wants a clean car thanks to manager Abdullah Masood at store #55 in Durham, NC.

“After having a horrible experience with a local competitor, I tried Autobell for the first time. I was greeted promptly by the friendly Abdullah [Masood]. You'll be happy to know that he offered me the ongoing promotion, but I got the basic full service inside and outside clean. Abdullah and his colleagues provided great service and an excellent cleaning, going above and beyond to service the nooks and crannies that might otherwise get overlooked. I will be back!"