1 Shine Bright Aug 2020 435x442

Customer Francesqa S. visited location #55 in Durham, NC, and had a one-of-a-kind experience with the very kind and helpful manager Mac Schilder.

“PHENOMENAL EXPERIENCE! To start, I came in a little lost, and MAC was so kind and helpful (also amazing at highlighting the daily deal - great customer service)! I was expecting a quick car wash, but Mac [Schilder] took the time to wipe my whole car down, some fancy car-related things with the tires, and cleaned with so much attention to details that I literally left the parking lot singing. Mac was so delightful, as were the other gentlemen working that night! I will revisit this location and recommend it to folks I know! Thank you, Mac! (Hint: he deserves a bonus or at least an ice cream!)”

2 Shine Bright Aug 2020 435x442

When you visit store #70 in Charlotte, NC, you end up in “The Hopper,” because store manager Jerome Hopper ensures every customer leaves Autobell with an exceptionally clean car. Customer Kathy M. wrote in to let us know about her recent visit to Autobell.

This gentleman [Jerome Hopper] paid extreme attention to detail when wiping down and vacuuming my car. He was extremely professional yet very personable; I had my tip out for him and changed my mind to give him a larger tip for his excellent work. I know this is a difficult job and probably with little recognition, but I hope the details I provided will allow you to recognize this young man for his excellent work.

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Team members Paige Thompson, Tristan Towe, and Caleb Colclasure, are all about teamwork and making sure customers choose Autobell when they want a clean car. Customer Jordan P. wrote in about his recent experience at store #67 in Asheville, NC.

“Just want to shout out the crew on Merrimon Ave in Asheville! My wife and I have an unlimited plan, and they always treat us very well and do a great job on our car, which we just bought! Paige and Caleb are great managers, and Tristan always gets us taken care of quickly, even if they are busy. I just wanted to give them a shout out!”

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Customer Amy called in to tell us about her sisters-in-law’s experience at store #32 in Charlotte, NC, when store manager Marshall Plummer helped with a stalled vehicle.

“I wanted to say thank you to Marshall and the team. They helped my sister-in-law with her vehicle that would not start, and what they didn’t know was, she was on her way to a funeral. This was such a tough day for them, and the Autobell team helped them get the car working and on their way. I wanted to make sure to say thank you and that Marshall [Plumber] is very attentive and a great team leader.”