Shining bright in december 1

Team member Trevor Conover wants to make Autobell the first choice for every customer who visits store #54 in Chesapeake, VA. Customer Beth J. gave us a five-star Yelp review after her experience at his location.

“Around two weeks ago a wonderful young man cleaned my car just perfect, his name was Trevor, and he was just a joy! He made my car look brand new!! He was very kind and talked to me a lot. I will be back and bring all my friends! This visit was the best experience I’ve had at any Autobell.”

Shining bright in december 2

Caring about our customers is what we do every day. Customer Jamene J. got a first-hand example of just how caring store manager Cory Goldsmith of #25 in Charlotte, NC, is after an issue with her headlight.

"After getting an excellent car wash at the Autobell, I realized my front headlight was out. I went to a nearby auto parts store to find out that I could buy the part, but they were unable to install it for me. So, I went back to Autobell to ask Cory Goldsmith if he would help a woman who had not a clue how to change a headlight. It wasn't an easy task on my Honda Pilot, but he worked very hard even when I wanted to give up. Mr. Goldsmith got the job done! He wouldn't even take payment; it's so nice to know there are genuinely good people in this world who go above and beyond to assist their customers! I will return to this location for all future car wash services. Thanks so much for your professional services!"

Shining bright in december 3

Team member Robbie Pfeiffer loves to save customers’ time while providing an exceptionally clean car. Customer Melissa F. wrote in about her experience at store #87 in Chester, MD.

“Robbie went above and beyond to clean my Jeep, and WOW did he do a great job. I had a lot of dog hair, and he told me that he's never seen a car covered in that much hair. I will be looking for Robbie when I revisit this location. He was very polite and pleasant and took his time and made sure I was happy with the service I received.”

Shining bright in december 4

Customer Maria D. sent an email to let us know MT2 manager Lester Romero-Olivares of store #83 in Sterling, VA, makes customer service look easy. She was impressed with his willingness to stay late after her car issue and wanted to let us know.

“I’m writing because one of your employees there was a great help and had the most fantastic customer service!!! My car would not turn on whatsoever, and since the other guy left it on PARK, we had no way of moving it out of the area. Lester waited an extra 1 hour and 45 minutes until I took care of my car. So, a shout out to you all for having a great employee working at this location!”