Shining Bright in February 1

Manager Danny Ruggiero recently helped a woman change a flat tire near Autobell #6 in Gastonia, NC. Customer Renee M. called in about how grateful she was for Danny being so caring and efficient even though she wasn't there to get her car washed.

"I was in the area near Autobell on Friday morning when I got a flat tire. After I pulled into the lot, Danny offered to change my tire because I couldn't get a hold of AAA. I am extremely grateful for his assistance and wanted to let management know how great his service was."

Shining Bright in February 2

Customer Densie W. was a skeptic when it comes to automatic car washes, but manager Cory Goldsmith, along with team members Andrew Garrett and Jadda Atkinson, turned her into a true fan of Autobell when she recently visited store #25 in Charlotte, NC.

“I just purchased a new car in November 2019, and one of my grandsons gave me an Autobell gift card for Christmas. I planned to visit the facility and try to sell the gift card, as I was skeptical about washing my new car. My first encounter was with Andrew, who spent a lot of time reassuring me they respected my feelings and my vehicle and would take excellent care of us both. My next encounter was with Jadda. She very gently empathized with my concerns and bent over backward to ensure that I would return. I then sought out the manager to express my excellent experience. Cory spent a lot of time explaining the history and customer respect that is an ingrained part of the business operations. You all have won over a die-hard hand wash fan. A car wash can be purchased anywhere, but it is the quality of the customer service that makes a business stand out. Your crew, at this location, exceeded my expectations.”

Shining Bright in February 3

Team member Danny Marino loves to save customers’ time while providing an exceptionally clean car. Customer Mr. Geatmon left store #26 in Garner, NC, a five-star Yelp review, since he is genuinely a fan of our ability to clean his vehicle when he doesn’t have the time to do it himself.

“I prefer washing my car, but there are moments where I just don't feel like doing the heavy lifting. That's when I turn to Autobell, always thorough, always professional, the care from each attendant is impeccable. More specifically, Danny. This guy has the heart of a giant. He tends to my vehicle as if it was his very own, and for that, he is like family. I try to give him a tip, and he never takes it, he does his work without wanting any acknowledgment. Autobell, you've got a great set of team members. VALUE THEM, for they are the boots on the ground who uphold the value in riding clean.”