Team member Nick Kuebler at store #20 in Jamestown, NC, is serving up some “exceeded expectations” with a generous side of “exceptionally clean car.” It’s no wonder Carol M. took the time to share her wonderful experience with us. Way to go, Nick!

I purchased the exterior clean with interior clean (including Armor All®). Nick did a beautiful job, and he completed the job completely on his own. Nick really knows his stuff and didn't skimp on the quality of service provided. I truly appreciate the job he did and I hope that you appreciate his quality.”

Warning: The following might provoke involuntary watering of the eyes. You never know what kind of day someone is having, and a simple visit to the car wash could brighten up that person's day. Team member Bryden Reed from store #56 in Harrisburg, NC, has made an unforgettable impact on customer Denise C. Here is what she had to say:

“I am unsure of the time that I went to the car wash, but Bryden was AMAZING! I told Bryden I only had a one dollar bill for a tip and I would give him that as a down payment for the tip that I would bring the next day. His response was that I did not have to do that, but if I had another car make sure to bring it in for a wash. His concern was about the store getting business rather than focusing on his tip. I told him we had a funeral to go to the next day and we would stop by. He assured me I did not have to do that and gave his condolences. The next day when I brought the tip, his focus was on our loss and he inquired about the funeral. This is far above what I expected when I took my car to get washed. Bryden went above and beyond and it is very appreciated. I will continue to take my car to Harrisburg Autobell car wash because of Bryden. Job well done young man, keep up the good work. Your customer service and compassion did not go unnoticed.”

Triple threat alert! Harrison Carter, Nick Spiers, and Ethan Crouch from store #52 in Indian Land, SC, are a great example of the consistently excellent experience that customers like Lisa J. have grown to love and expect when visiting Autobell®. Keep it up, guys!

"I wanted to purchase an unlimited plan.... Harrison was so nice helping me to get set up on the APP .... Nick and Ethan were also so nice and courteous while I was there. My car looked great, I purchased the Unlimited plan because I have a pit bull dog that loves to ride, but he does shed so I'm excited to have AUTOBELL to take my car to and get cleaned up now every week. Thank You Again to Harrison, Ethan and Nick for being such nice guys today!!! I will definitely share my experience on Facebook with my friends and at church too."