Customer Susan B. is a loyal Autobell fan and customer, and she shared her experience from a recent visit to store #30 in Concord, NC, when team members Thomas Gutieriez and Carson Trott made sure Susan left with an exceptionally clean car.

“Thank you, Thomas, for a great job on my car this evening. And thanks to Carson for quickly reacting to an issue with a holding tank. As we near the end of another Autobell year, I want to commend ALL of you for the excellent jobs you do year-round. It's been nice to see many of you, who were just starting out when I became a customer, now on the managerial track and doing so well. I enjoy it, as does my car, with consistency in both people and process. I attribute the excellent look of my car to Autobell Church St at least once a week - sometimes more. I'd be hard-pressed to believe we have a better overall store in the district. Regular clientele, long-term monthly plan holders... the indicators business is done right, and cars are done well here. As Autobell years go, you've had the most challenging one in 2020. Yet, you've faced the challenges head-on, and in a most impressive way. Thank you, my beloved Autobell Family. Here's to another year of partnership!”

Store manager Jack Pehler at #75 in Alpharetta, GA, was humble and caring by taking the time to help customer James M. understand our process, our services, and get signed up for the Autobell App. Jack didn’t know at the time that assisting this customer would create a lifetime Autobell fan.

"Hi, I just wanted to share my first experience using Autobell Car Wash. I met with the manager Jack Pehler. Jack was very friendly yet professional. He explained the various services offered, gave me a tour of the carwash, and introduced me to a few employees; the time spent was awesome. I love the app as well as the process of getting service. As a result, I signed up for the Super Unlimited package. I am looking forward to many years of patronizing Autobell. Don't CHANGE!!"

A big shout out to store #54 in Chesapeake, VA, for maintaining our great level of customer service and safety. Customer Marichu S. left a five-star review of her experience at Autobell.

“I have always loved getting my car washed with Autobell because of their professionalism and service. Last week, I decided to stop to get my Tacoma cleaned before my family from Hawai'i came to visit. I was greeted by a friendly worker who explained due to COVID-19, we were to drive our cars through the car wash. He also shared their current special to get everything cleaned inside and outside for under $50. I went ahead and splurged and took advantage of that special. After driving through the car wash, I was guided to my parking stall, and I got out and headed towards the waiting area. I was impressed by the seating arrangements they had for inside and outside—Bravo to offer both seating areas and maintain social distancing. When my car was done, I was asked what fragrance I wanted and if I could check to see if there was anything else I wanted to be cleaned better. I approved of the service and drove off the lot. I chose their lemon scent, which I can still smell one week later.”

Here's another shout out to Store #17 in Boone, NC, for their excellent customer service and great attitudes during a challenging year of operation. Customer Scott R. wrote the Autobell website to share his thoughts about our operations, the new Autobell App, and our store team.

"As a business owner of similar and different kinds of businesses, change with times to better our customer's experience is a must for long-term survival. I also recognize change is a lot of work to implement. In addition to a similar experience each time, and the great attitudes of your front-line workforce, I commend you for both changing up your operational flow at our store, but also putting the buying of my product under my control. This new app is right on target. I thank you for all your team's hard work and desire to change to make my customer experience better each time."