P7 Shining Star

Manager Neville Patel is no stranger to excellent customer service and making sure every customer leaves Autobell safely and with an exceptionally clean car. Customer Jerry C. let us know about his wife’s recent visit to store #76 in Williamsburg, VA.

“My wife got her car wash and did not realize she was leaking oil until Neville informed my wife that her car had leaked a lot of oil. Neville went out of his way to help my wife by offering his oil to help her get home safely, and that is beyond my expectations. He has earned Autobell a new lifetime customer!”

Shining Bright in March 2020 1

Saving customer’s time while providing an exceptionally clean car is something team member Mohammad Qassem does well. Customer Meya G. left a five-star review on Google when she visited store #26 in Garner, NC.

"Legitimately one of the greatest car wash staff in the area. I had this young gentleman; I believe his name was Mohammad. He was very quick, always running around and super thorough, I don't remember my car interior being this nice in a long time. I will definitely be returning soon!"

Shining Bright in March 2020 2

When customer Dianne G. wants a clean car, her first choice will be store #11 in Greensboro, NC. She left a five-star Yelp review after her recent interaction with managers Tristen Murrain and Jaylen Josey.

"Wow!!! I've been to many car washes in Greensboro, and the service I received here is unmatched- even in comparison to the other Autobell locations! The two employees that I met were Tristen Murrain and Jaylen Josey... and may I say again WOW! They were incredibly helpful, respectful, and made my car wash experiences a breeze. The service was quick, and the process was easy. To anyone looking for a great wash and great service I highly recommend the Autobell! My car looks fantastic! Keep up the good work!!"

Shining Bright in March 2020 3

New Autobell team member Jeremy Hawkins at store #45 in Virginia Beach, VA, showed many values when he took a moment out of his day to help a lady across busy First Colonial Road. Customer Stan E. witnessed the act of kindness and posted a video commenting on his experience that day.

“That young man [Jeremy Hawkins]…saw this sweet older lady getting ready to cross busy First Colonial Road with all her bags….he dropped what he was doing, put his towels down, ran over and grabbed her bags, then held her by the arm and walked her across the street. And, that just made my whole day. I’m going to help two people now! Pass it on!”