Shining Bright in March 2021 2

Team member Hunter Ross from store #29 in Charlotte, NC, made sure customer Jason K. left Autobell with an exceptionally clean car.

"Purchased ride-thru with underbody wash. Upon exiting the car wash, I noticed the rear of the vehicle was still pretty dirty. I was a little frustrated about it and couldn't find anyone to ask if I could run it through again. Hunter came out and asked if he could help. When I showed him the tailgate, he immediately dropped what he was doing and ran out to wipe down the dirty areas. Just a few minutes of Hunter's time changed a frustrated customer into a repeat customer. Small gestures like this go a long way towards customer satisfaction and customer retention."

Shining Bright in March 2021 1

Being caring and accountable is what team member Austin Green brings to work with him every day. Customer Kimberly K. wrote in about her recent visit to store #56 in Harrisburg, NC.

"I went to Autobell on Sunday around lunchtime, and we got in line about four cars back. Austin was the only team member working the front, taking payments and guiding cars. We just paid, and he had guided us almost in the wash when all of a sudden he yelled and ran into the car wash. Someone had hit the brakes. He came back to us soaking wet, still wearing his soaked mask. He updated us every time he ran back and forth. Unfortunately, the chains stopped working, and everyone had to be removed from the car wash. He remained extremely professional and nice the entire time. He voided the payment and gave us two free full-service car washes. Poor guy was soaked, and I know he was freezing. Excellent customer service for an unfortunate incident."

Shinig Bright in March 2021 3

Team members Amanda Grubb and Charlotte Ming at store #67 in Asheville, NC, work as a team to ensure every customer will make Autobell their first choice when they want a clean car. Customer Josh F. left a five-star review from his experience at Autobell.

“Amanda and Charlotte went above and beyond on getting our Pathfinder cleaned up and looking great again. It had been many months since it had a good thorough cleaning, and with two young men, it showed. By the time they got done with a simple Armor All® treatment and vacuuming, it almost looked like I just picked it up off the dealer lot. Best job I’ve seen from a major car wash!”