Store 39 01

Bugs, bugs, everywhere bugs! Team members Carlos Gonzalez and Eddie Lampe know a thing or two about removing those bugs by using teamwork to brighten the day of nighttime traveling customer Brandie M. who recently visited store #39 in Charlotte, NC.

“Carlos and Eddie were great! I have been traveling at night, and I’ve never seen this amount of dead bugs all over my front end, side mirrors, and windshield. In fact, I didn’t think that some of them would come off/out of the paint. Carlos took his time to ensure a good pre-cleaning/scraping, using a bug removal solution and another piece of equipment. Eddie finished it off, of which he stated that Carlos did a great job getting them all off before I even got to him for all the finishing touches. They both took their time, and I didn’t feel like they were rushing to get to the next vehicle(s). Because I’ve taught a Customer Service course, as part of a “Practicing Professionalism” curriculum, to train entry-level professionals and more, I’m a huge advocate for excellent customer service. Thank you, Carlos and Eddie, and Autobell on Tryon!!! These gentlemen are exemplary of a fine business representation. I’m hoping they are direct reflections of what Autobell stands for.”

Isaiah 78 01

Customer Sarah R. loves coming to Autobell to always have an exceptionally clean car and excellent customer experience. Team Member Isaiah Towe of store #78 in Asheville, NC, brings the shine with him to work every day and got a five-star Google review.

“Isaiah was the friendliest person who had ever helped us at this location. We've been coming here for over two years and the service has never been friendlier. He was prompt, seemed excited to see us even though we'd never seen him before, and was attentive to guiding us to the wash. I appreciated that he was wearing his mask correctly as well. It was a great experience and made my day to have good customer service.”

Store 42 01

Moving with a sense of purpose and keeping a positive attitude is how Team Member Mitchell Tucker from store #42 in Concord, NC, keeps the line moving even when the rush happens. Customer Tina A. was so impressed with her service and upsell to a more expensive wash that she had to let Autobell know what a great hire Mitchell was.

“The store was short-handed this morning--only two employees total. Mitchell met me at the entrance and answered all my questions. He was extremely polite, helpful, smiled, and didn't rush me; however, he was quick and professional with answers. Since I didn't have time to wait and my primary concern was the outside, I told him to give me the basic $7 wash; however, he took just another minute to suggest the $12 wash instead as he told me the difference between the two. GREAT job with customer service AND upselling! His attitude was extremely positive regardless of how busy/stressed he must have been feeling inside. Most people would get frustrated by having to wait or by not having the opportunity to get a full service because they didn't have time to wait for it, but I will certainly be back because of how he handled it. Good job hiring this one!”

Will Walser Caleb Joyner 01

Team Members Will Walser and Caleb Joyner use teamwork to make the most efficient visit for every customer that comes to store #2 in Charlotte, NC. Customer Maggie W. wrote to Autobell to share her experience with us and praise Will and Caleb for their kindness and speed.

“I went at a busy time with many cars, but such an easy service and transition. Will and Caleb were super great and made sure to give my car a great clean in an efficient amount of time, even when cars lined up. The best experience I have ever had at an Autobell. I will definitely be coming back to see Will and Caleb!”