Shining bright in november 1

Accountable and caring are just two of the many values store manager Sebastian Adrianzen of #58 in Suwanee, GA, recently showed when he ensured a lost wallet was held until it was returned safely. Customer Kim M. wrote about her experience in a five-star Google review.

“I have been here a few times, and every time I get a clean car. But the customer service is even better than the wash! I left my wallet there before going to Florida, and the gentleman helping me (Sebastian) went way beyond the extra mile to try and find me while I was in Florida to let me know they were keeping my wallet safe. He didn't want me to stress about where my wallet was while away. There are not many people like that in the world, and I was thankful for him! So, even though this isn't the closest place to me, they now have my business.”

Shining bright in november 2

Team member Jordan Cude of store #4 in Charlotte, NC, knows how to save customers’ time while providing an exceptionally clean car. Customer Meagan S. left a five-star review about her recent visit to Autobell.

"I came by on Tuesday morning, just wanting a quick wash, but I went ahead and got the special wash because I knew I wouldn't have to wait too long. The employee that was working on my car, Jordan, went above and beyond for me to make sure that my car was spotless and that I was 100% satisfied. I also just wanted to post this review to let management know that he did a great job, and I truly appreciate his effort! I will be a repeat customer at this location, thanks to him."

Shining bright in november 3

When customer Lawrence H. wants a clean car, his first choice will always be Autobell, thanks to team members Danny Mackey and Grady Calmes of store #82 in North Charleston, SC. Their commendable customer service resulted in a lifetime customer.

“I want to commend these two gentlemen significantly for being so professional, courteous, and polite. I would also like to congratulate them on always doing a superb job on my vehicle. They take time and patience to make sure that my vehicle is precisely the way I like it. And that speaks volumes. Danny always greets me by my first name when I come in, which gives me a sense of being of concern, and he should get commended for excellent customer service. Coming to Autobell is one of the great decisions I've made regarding getting my car washed. Your team and staff are excellent. And I refer you to all my friends family and co-workers. Keep up the good work, guys!”

Shining bright in november 4

Saving customers’ time is something team member Dak Perry-Brown does well. Customer Frank J. left store #54 in Chesapeake, VA, a five-star review talking about his visit and interaction with Dak.

“I just had a great experience with the Autobell on Battlefield Blvd. in Chesapeake. Dak did all the finishing touches on my vehicle. Not only did he do a great job, but was diligent in completing the task in a timely manner, even as we talked. Good job, Dak, and Autobell.”