Manager Paige Thompson is a repeat offender when it comes to fantastic customer service. Customer Susan B. wrote in about her experience at store #67 in Asheville, NC.

“Paige is THE example of a customer service-oriented employee. I will only use Autobell in Asheville if she is working. I come from a customer service career, and I would recommend using her skills to train others within your company. I use other Autobell locations when I travel, and no one comes close to her customer skills (and her attention to detail when cleaning). Don't lose her! Please keep her in the company and promote her.”

Customer Sterling A. visited store #51 in Raleigh, NC, at closing time, but that didn’t stop team members Landon Lewis and Clay Doak from making sure Sterling left Autobell with an exceptionally clean car.

“I pulled up a bit late trying to get my car cleaned up quickly. Landon and Clay were clearly in the process of shutting down everything for the night, but they made sure not to spare any quality in the service they provided. Even though I did not purchase a complete interior wash, their attention to detail concerning my wheels, windshield, lights, and some extra dusty areas near my rear license plate was entirely cleaned. Their service was above and beyond, and I would be glad to have these two take care of my vehicle any day of the week!”

Autobell team members and dog hair removal experts Jake Oliveras and Luke Isidore took the extra time to ensure customer Ruben M. will always choose Autobell when he wants a clean car.

“I had just returned from a road trip with my dog and daughter, and there were nose art and dog hair everywhere from a wonderful rescue dog. I am a non-active duty Marine and have a very keen eye for detail, so I am difficult to impress. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Jake and Luke have a keen eye as well, along with a good work ethic. They got the hair out of my seats and even brushed it out of my carpet when the vacuum would not take it out. The windows were absent of nose art and clean. This is by far the best service I have ever received at any of your establishments, and I will visit again thanks to the service shown by these young men. Thank you!”