We asked store manager Devon Parks to share his experience at store #59 and how the new automated pay station, new vacuum stations, and Autobell App are doing during their testing phase.

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Trifecta in Mableton!

I knew changes were coming to Store #59 when I accepted the store manager position and moved from Greensboro, NC, to Mableton, GA, but I never imagined the positive impact the improvements would have here. We started by moving our vacuum stations to the finishing area, and at the same time installed Automated Pay Stations for customers. On July 1, we launched the new Autobell Mobile App at our store, and now with all three services working in sync, we’ve seen an uptick in volume as people move through the system faster than ever.

Here are my takeaways:

  • Automated Pay Station allows us to have two lanes open at the speed we used to do one. Our customers get a consistent message every time, as the video walks them through the steps, starting with, “Hi, welcome to Autobell!”
  • Finishing-Area Vacuums are a game-changer. People like to see “The Show” of how we work together as a team. This not only puts things in view, it allows us to handle more cars at a time. Plus, we have been selling more Master AutoVac services too.
  • Our Autobell Mobile App introduction has gone very well. About half of our Unlimited customers have converted to the app already – the "50% off first two-months" offer has really helped. Overall (and depending on the customer’s age) it’s been a smooth process so far and we’re getting great feedback as people scan and go!

Our customers couldn’t be happier. Here’s what one took the time to write and tell us: “The automated system made placing my order and paying for my services a one-stop-shop. Both my screen and grate were clean and my car was ready in less than 10 minutes.”

These changes plus the great work of our team members have contributed to increased volume, profits, and extra services. We know that when we do a good job once, that customer always comes back!

Written by Devon Parks, Store Manager #59