Popping the hood of your car to check the fluid levels and get an oil change is common, but what’s lurking underneath your car can often go without notice. So, if you neglect what you cannot see, let us shed some light on the importance of the components that lie beneath and are crucial to you and your passenger’s safety – the undercarriage.

The undercarriage, or underbody, is the main body of the car. While the term was derived from horse-drawn carriages, we use it to describe the part of the car that sits closest to the road. Every day as you drive, rocks, road grime, salt (in the winter), and sand (on a beach vacation) can impact the critical mechanisms that keep your car running safely.

Why take the time to clean the unseen?

  1. Dirt and grime can build up and affect the performance of your car.
  2. Cleaning the undercarriage can prevent rust and corrosion.
  3. Regularly cleaning can protect your investment and prolong the life of your car.

The underbody houses many crucial operational and safety features of your car. Tending to the needs of the entire vehicle, inclusive of the underbody, helps with the upkeep of both your vehicle’s aesthetics and safety performance. For example, having a build-up of dirt could cause a blockage leading to a hindrance in steering and brake performance. This situation increases the potential for accidents.

Simply put, an underbody cleaning service helps prevent rust and maintains the value of your vehicle while ensuring you and your passengers enjoy a safe ride. Removal of harmful debris and particles may seem minor, but an underbody wash can help ensure the value of your car stays at a premium. In addition, many car resellers will quickly notice if a car has truly been well-cared for based on an inspection of the underbody.

Here is how to clean the undercarriage of your car, according to the experts at Autobell®:

  • Drivers should consider using a professional car wash service that specializes in underbody cleaning services. It takes only a matter of minutes and is accomplished as your car goes through the wash tunnel. Our ride-through service uses only the latest in car wash technology to clean the exterior and underbody of your vehicle.
  • Professional car washes use a high volume, low-pressure system and know how to clean the bottom of your car. They use a freshwater application to remove contaminants and impurities on the surface and in the cracks and crevices. As your car travels on the conveyor belt, it gets a soft but effective underside rinse. Using too much water pressure can damage the components that keep your car running smoothly.

When and how often should you clean the underbody of your car?

Autobell® recommends that you wash the undercarriage at least once a month. But, of course, there are times that call for extra car care too.

Traveling in the winter months when there is more road grime and corrosives, like brine to treat and prevent icy roads, is especially harsh on the hidden parts. Corrosion can start to occur and eat away at the paint and finish and any metal products like brake lines, steering, and suspensions components. Over time, visible rust can eat through metal and become a hole.

Summer beach trips can be equally corrosive if sand and grime are left behind, not to mention salt water and salt air that can damage over time. Always take your car in for an underbody car wash and have the interior cleaned after returning from long road trips.

Lastly, driving on any dirt or gravel road is also an underbody cleaning must. Dust, dirt, and other compounds can quickly build up on several key components under your vehicle. So, be sure to have your car professionally cleaned from top to bottom, and especially underneath.

Did you Know?

At Autobell®, an underbody wash is included in our featured interior and exterior washes and is an optional add-on service. Why learn how to clean the undercarriage of your car when you can take it to Autobell®. We know how important it is to maintain the appearance, safety, and value of your vehicle.

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