Congratulations to our top 100 Autobell Team Members who excelled during the May Sale! Here are some suggested sales tips from the top three Team Members. Check below to see if your name made the list.

1 cashier

1st Jonathan Roop - #38 – Greensboro, NC

“Always be consistent by going after every car. Remember, every time you sell the tickets, that means the customer is coming back. Now you have the chance to sell them on extras when they return. Also, suggest the tickets to anyone coming in to buy a gift card.”

2 cashier

2nd Joel Dingle - #54 – Chesapeake, VA

“Emphasize to the customer they are getting two of our best washes at a big discount. Make sure they know the other wash ticket never expires and can be used at any location. Don’t be scared to get turned down; a lot of people see the value and will make a purchase.”

3 cashier

3rd Sebasthian Hincapie - #53 – Indian Trail, NC

“Always ask every customer that comes in; this includes our Unlimited and Ride-Thru. You never know who may need a gift. Keep your script consistent and be friendly.”

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