Team member Annellise Garriott from store #89 in Chesapeake, VA, came in 1st place during our Rain Repellent Special promo period. Annellise had an astounding average of 42.9% sales of the Rain Repellent Special wash to the number of cars she tendered. We asked her to share insights into her success and how she accomplished such a high percentage.

"The keys to greeting and selling to customers start with your body language and attitude. Customers naturally feel more comfortable talking to people who look excited and happy to be at work. As a cashier, your smile and bubbly attitude can increase your sales without saying anything different. Consistency is paramount to sustained success in sales. Every customer needs to hear the sales pitch every time. Being afraid of the answer "No" will scare cashiers, which causes you to miss out on the opportunity to tell a customer about the great value in our Rain Repellent Special. Finally, have a short memory. The greatest athletes of all time have failed repeatedly on the biggest stages. No one is perfect, and even the highest conversion ratios fall short of even 50%. Remember, every car is a blank slate and a new opportunity to make a sale, so do not let the last car, day, or week determine your attitude going into each customer interaction."

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