1 Holiday Seller

Manager Mac Schilder spends time working at store #67 in Asheville, NC, and store #55 in Durham, NC. During his time at store #67, our BOGO Holiday Sale was happening, and that’s where he averaged selling tickets to 45.7% of the cars he tendered. We asked Mac to share some of his best tips for selling such a high average.

“Let every customer know this is our best wash with underbody and fragrance, they make great gifts, or you can stock up to keep your car clean year-round. I had a ride-thru customer buy four sets of tickets, so make sure you pitch to everyone. Also, work on finding a good balance between persistence and reading the customer, so you are selling the most you can without irritating the customer.”

Congratulations to all team members who made the Top 50 list below!

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