The American Heart Association $1 donation was a huge success thanks to all our team members! We raised $8,549 in February to assist the American Heart Association's Heart Walk. We couldn’t have done it without your commitment to bring awareness to the cause while encouraging our customers to purchase a Rain Repellent Special wash.

Top sellers aha rr

Team member James Ellis from store #43 in Chesapeake, VA, took 1st place, averaging selling a Rain Repellent Special wash to 30.8% of the cars he tendered. We asked James to share some of his best tips for selling such a high average.

“Be sure to let every customer know this is our best wash with underbody, fragrance, and rain repellent on the front windshield. It’s important to inform the customer we are donating $1 from this wash to the (AHA) Heart Walk. Also, know all of the wash prices by heart in case they decline the Rain Repellent Special.”

Below are the top rain repellent sellers during the two-week promo period. Congratulations to everyone in the Top 50!

2020 March Top RR 1
2020 March Top RR 2