Working with Friends

“There is no other job where you can make this amount of money in the amount of time you work and still have the flexible schedule you need to attend college or go to school,” stated MT2 manager Elias Albarracin from store #54 in Chesapeake, VA. There’s a reason why 52.5% of all new hires at Autobell are friend referrals – your next coworker is probably someone you already know.

Elias is a power recruiter when it comes to getting his friends and even gym buddies to work at Autobell. He knows working alongside his friends makes the job more fun and easier, and finding your next coworker is as simple as talking to your best friend or classmate who’s looking for a job.

Elias even recruited Joey Manning (now MT2 manager at #54) when they shared a class at Old Dominion University.

“I was looking to make extra money when Elias told me about Autobell. The job was exactly what I needed while still in school, and working with your friends creates good synergy. You know what they (your friend) are going to do when you’re working on the same car,” said Manning.

When your friends are looking for work, send them to Do you think we can get to 55% referrals this year?