You went the extra mile! Moving with a sense of purpose is your style. Not only do you follow our high standards of customer service, but you also make it look easy. Thank you for showing our customers and other team members how to Brighten the World by Helping Others Shine.®

Thank you to all of our WOW winners this month!

Aaron M Edwards (36)

Adrian Magallanes (43)

Alexander Conetta (52)

Andrew Williamson (80)

Anthony Gorney (80)

Bradley Holshouser (17)

Chase Scroggs (AAB)

Collyn Incorvaia (52)

Cynthia Spratt (22)

David Lindsay (71)

Donnell Adams (36)

Gary Garrett (80)

Jacob Hopson (36)

Jake Blackburn (36)

Justin Campbell (22)

Korben Anderson (17)

Matthew Trent (4)

Nicholas Kuebler (20)

Nicholas Spiers (52)

Nick Mihalcescu (20)

Omari Jones (36)

Ricky Valdovinos (AAB)

Ryan Brittain (26)

Samuel Olsen (52)

Shawon Saha (80)

Tanner May (36)