The extra mile - you went there! Moving with a sense of purpose is
your style. Not only do you follow our high standards of customer service,
you made it look easy. Thank you for showing our customers and other
team members how to Brighten the World by Helping Others Shine.®

Thank you to all of our WOW winners this month!

Adam Wood (A06)

Alexander Eudy (A29)

Brandon Rhodes (AAB)

Brandon Rhodes (AAB)

Brett Martinez (A65)

Caleb Morgan (A82)

Christian Wideman (A82)

Connor Lynch (A29)

Dajuan Taylor (A86)

Dean Sejdia (A70)

Dylan Routhier (A82)

Elliot Withers (A67)

Eric Beaulieu (A82)

Eric Johnson (A29)

Esdavon Weeks (A82)

Jacob Allred (A23)

Joseph Cohen (A85)

Joshua Sumner (A38)

Keishawn Jamerson (A06)

Kevin Norris (A58)

Lauren Capoziello (A50)

Leif Allison (A45)

Max Elabdellaoui (A70)

Mitchell Shearin (A28)

Myles Chandler (A76)

Parker Shoffner (A86)

Phillip Benfield (A66)

Shannon Burrus (A79)

Spencer Criner (A36)

Tanner Chaney (A85)

Victoria Meyer (A29)