Congratulations to all our year-end award winners! This year was challenging, but the Autobell values have shown we can get through difficult times together. A big thank you to everyone who did their part in protecting our customers and team members during COVID-19. We shine bright as individuals, but we shine our brightest together.

Our year-end awards are broken into two different ceremonies: Achievement Awards and Service Recognition.

Below are the Achievement Award winners:

Top Production

High Volume - Management & Crew #25 - Charlotte, NC
Intermediate Volume - Management & Crew #52 - Indian Land, SC
Emerging Volume - Management & Crew #53 - Indian Trail, NC

Three stores were broken into volume peer groups for Top Production. These stores followed the Autobell procedure to maintain an effective percentage of payroll hours compared to car volume for the year.

Marketing Award

Management & Crew #2 – Charlotte, NC

This store team achieved the largest increase in sales over the previous year.

Safety Award

Management & Crew #68 – Virginia Beach, VA

This store team followed all the outlined safety procedures to create a welcoming and safe environment for team members and customers. Is award is measured by reviewing claims for general liability, auto, workers comp, and holding monthly team meetings.

Outstanding Achievement

Management & Crew #25
- Charlotte, NC

This store team achieved the highest profit percentage for the year.

Growth & Development Award

Management & Crew #2 – Charlotte, NC

This store team achieved the highest volume percentage increase over the previous year.

“I'm excited to see the growth of store #2 over the last year. Our team embodied the Autobell vision while serving and growing our customer base over the last year, and I look forward to seeing the team and the location continue to grow.” Rob Stuck – District Manager

Top Customer Service Award

Management & Crew #89 – Chesapeake, VA

This store team achieved the highest average secret shopper score for the year by achieving our mission. Save customers’ time while providing an exceptionally clean car.

“David and his team at #89 did an extraordinary job of customer service this year. The score they obtained over 36 reports was earned through planning, preparation, and round-the-clock training. I commend them on their accomplishments and establishing a great foundation for their new location.” Anil Verma – District Manager

First Choice Award

Management & Crew #50 – Waxhaw, NC

This store had the greatest improvement in their online review ratings over the previous year by achieving our vision. When a customer wants a clean car, their 1st choice is Autobell.


Nico Scarfo #38 – Greensboro, NC

This manager lives out our purpose every day by embodying the Autobell values and promoting the most MT2 managers into the MT1 manager program.

“When Nico took the helm at #38, he immediately laid out a coaching and development plan for the management team. Last year, he trained four MT1 managers, and one of the MT1 managers has already been promoted to store manager. For Nico, the words associated with the acronym ToTEACH aren’t just something that he feels are good values; it’s something that he practices daily and uses his time to teach it to others. Teamwork. Trustworthy. Efficiency. Accountability. Caring. Humility.” Shea Houser – District Manager

Rookie of the Year

Tayler Long #22 – Shelby, NC

Nominated and voted on by our District Manager team from a group of store managers who’ve worked for 12
– 24 months.

"Tayler has been a tremendous asset to store #22 and the community. This last year was a challenge for Tayler when his 9-month-old daughter began battling eye cancer. Tayler never stopped caring for both his family and his store team during his most difficult time as a father. He would let me know who was running the store when he was at a doctor's appointment and often check back to ensure the store was running smoothly. Congratulations to Tayler, who walked the road that nobody would ever want to walk but found a way to stay continually positive throughout. Additionally, I'm happy to say his daughter is doing wonderfully now." Shea Houser – District Manager

Operator of the Year

Justin Hardee #45 – Virginia Beach, VA

Nominated and voted on by our District Managers from a group of store managers or operating partners who’ve worked for 24 months or longer.

“Justin accomplished things in the last 12 months that took me 8 years to accomplish. Three store manager promotions and two MT1 promotions prove that team development is the foundation of his store’s culture. The self-disciple and motivation that he brings to work every day are qualities you can’t teach. That’s what makes him the Operator of the Year for Autobell.” Mike Hulburt – District Manager

Below are the Service Recognition recipients:

Congratulations on reaching this important milestone at Autobell!


  • Kenny Perez
  • TJ Pruitt
  • Charles Staton
  • Nick Eason
  • Spencer Criner
  • Nicki Chapman
  • Jason Brown
  • Jacob Searight
  • David Jacob
  • Jason Berry
  • Dylan Balestino
  • Jonas LeMieux
  • Daniel Mackey
  • Chris Hilton


  • Tyler Shreck
  • Josh Fisher
  • Marshall Plummer
  • Tyler Sierra
  • Nicholas Paluso
  • Ian Robertson
  • Steven Watson
  • DeShawn Underwood


  • Joseph Noel
  • Tim Wright
  • Tyler Grice


  • Nate Edwards