Next-gen protection for your vehicle.

Our new and improved AUTOGLOSSSM provides customers a mirror-like finish leaving your car shining as you propel to your next destination. Featuring the latest technology, AUTOGLOSSSM will keep your car looking like it never left the dealership.

Benefits include:

  • Mirror-like finish
  • Superior UV defense
  • Protective bond that reduces friction keeping weather, grime, bugs, and other outside elements from adhering to your paint.
  • Lasts Longer, Protects Stronger


How is this different from the previous AUTOGLOSSSM application?

The new & improved AUTOGLOSSSM application uses surface modification technology to improve the smoothness on the surface of paint and glass, and deepen the glossy finish of a vehicle after the wash process using a unique ceramic technology.

How often should I wash my car with AUTOGLOSSSM?

You can wash your car as much as once a day or little as once a week and still see the benefits of the application.

If I apply once, will I have to continue to use, or will it lose its luster?

A single application will give you an excellent shine, but continued use will maintain the deep-shine quality, as well as help keep the car cleaner by reducing the effort needed to remove dirt and debris at your next visit.

What if I have chips on my car, can I still use the new and improved AUTOGLOSSSM?

Yes. And, we advise using AUTOGLOSSSM even more so as chips exposing metals will be less susceptible to oxidation in the presence of this sealing product.

How long will the shine last?

Typically, the shine will be present for 7 days, depending on weather and other elements. This can be longer if the car is not exposed to extreme conditions.