Our cars carry us on great summer adventures – from beach vacations to mountain camping trips and roads well-traveled in between. As we log the miles, we unintentionally tend to bring pieces of our trip back home. From sand on the floor mats and between the seats, to pet hair everywhere (because the family dogs deserve to come along!). Adding the Master AutoVac® service to your next Autobell® allows you to conjure up those fabulous family memories of the past without getting bogged down cleaning carpet in the present.

“When people ask us how to keep their car clean with a dog or on a journey to the beach, we simply smile and tell them to focus on the fun,” says David Reep, Operations Manager at Autobell®. “We want our customers to make the most of their summer vacations, savor the memories and let us do the sand searching and canine clean-up.”

For those looking to minimize the aftermath of logging vacation miles, Reep offers these preventative tips:

· You can prevent dog hair in your car by prepping your pup. Groom your dog before you go! For long-haired pets that can sport a summer cut, a close cut or shave can be a game-changer during the hot months when shedding dogs lose the most fur.

· Cover your seats with sheets or towels. Sometimes the best way to remove dog hair from a car is with a drop cloth that you can shake out until you have time for a full-service interior cleaning.

· Restrict your pet’s movement in the car. If your pet is crate trained, then they can be just as happy in a temperature-controlled cargo area with a soft bed and a bowl of water.

· Having heavy-duty floor mats to cover the carpet also makes for a quick rinse to remove dirt and hair.

Heeding this advice, the best overall approach is to have your car professionally cleaned regularly with Autobell’s® Master AutoVac® service.