Autobell’s Director of Operations on his 37-year Career Path

David Reep discusses pivotal moments and why working for one company has been the best decision.


In the fast-paced world of modern employment, finding someone who has devoted their entire career to a single company is rare. David Reep, Director of Operations, is celebrating his 37th year at Autobell, a story that started as a new team member on his 16th birthday at the Lincolnton, NC, store. His trajectory is a testament to dedication, growth, and an investment in the company that invested in him. His work ethic as a young employee was recognized early on, and his history with the company exemplifies the power of setting big goals.

Little did he know in 1986 that this part-time job would span more than three decades and involve numerous promotions. At that time, Reep worked two jobs: one as a team member at the Lincolnton car wash during the day, and another as a guard at a nearby prison in Shelby, NC, at night.

“In 1991, I was given the opportunity to become an Autobell store manager. Monty Rast, my manager at the time, sat me down and showed me how I could earn a better living and have a better quality of life at Autobell than bouncing between two jobs,” says Reep. “In just one year, I exceeded my previous income and qualified for a company car.”

Over the years, Reep’s contributions to Autobell were nothing short of exceptional. He rose to every challenge, transitioning from store management to District Manager with ease. In this role, his commitment to employee development and retention became a cornerstone of his career.

“A good manager is key in identifying talent and putting them in a position to learn and grow,” says Reep. “I always remind team members to let their store manager know that they want to explore a career path here. “If you’re hungry, we can feed that!”

Reep stayed on his growth path at a time when the industry was in consolidation mode. He next advanced to Autobell Operations Manager, a position he held for a decade. He credits the importance that the company places of continual education as a big part of his personal growth.

“The amount of resources that Autobell dedicates to employee training and growth is more than many larger companies do,” says Reep. “I am able to participate in monthly Vistage meetings, as do many of my peers, where we learn everything from leadership skills to problem-solving strategies from guest speakers on a global level.”

In 2021, Reep was promoted to Director of Operations. This is a critical position within the company, ensuring that more than 85 locations exceed customer expectations on a daily basis.

“My journey with Autobell has been incredible, and I am grateful for all the opportunities to learn and grow throughout the years,” says Reep. “I would encourage anyone with a passion for people and desire to work for a company that truly takes care of its employees to consider a career with Autobell.”