Meet Tyler Grice, Store Operations Auditor for Autobell.

Tyler Grice is a 16-year Autobell veteran who wanted to learn more about the behind-the-scenes activities that made Autobell a successful company. When the store operations auditor position became available in November 2020 in the home office, Grice took the opportunity to start his new role.

"I truly wanted to expand my knowledge and understand how the Autobell machine works from the home office to our field team members,” said Grice. “I have a lot of useful knowledge from working with customers, equipment, and team members. I felt it was time to make a shift and gain additional skills."

When asked how things were going, Grice said, "There is much more happening at the home office than I ever imagined as a store manager. It's been eye-opening for me, and I enjoy my new role and look forward to growing in the company. Being able to share my feedback from the field perspective is also something I'm grateful to have the opportunity to provide."

Starting during Cyber Monday and the holiday sale was a "trial by fire" for Grice. "I was shipping all the physical gift cards, Super PolyprocessSM tickets, and so on. It was wild to see how much came in at one time. Our online sales were something I didn't know was such a large part of our business. From packing the order to helping customers track the order, it was a hectic first few weeks for me at the home office."

Now for a little job history: it was August 2005 when store manager Nate Perrell (now district manager) hired Grice as a team member at store #29 in Charlotte, NC. He was promoted to store manager at #2 after working through the ranks as an MT2 and MT1 at store #24 and worked at many other Charlotte-area locations stores as a store manager, including stores #15, #66, and #56. Grice loved the day-to-day activities of running a car wash but had a thirst for knowledge and growth within the Autobell family of companies.

Grice is a native Charlottean married to wife Michelle for five years, and they have a three-year-old daughter. When Grice is not working at Autobell, he enjoys golfing and the fine art of smoking meat.