June is National Safety Month, and this year we challenge you to up your “Situational Awareness” game by making it a S.L.A.M it Summer! S.L.A.M. doesn’t seem like a term used in the safety world, but S.L.A.M. applies to your work life and home life, too.

  • S is for Stop. Stop and think about the task at hand. Pause and ask yourself if anything has changed since the last time you completed the same task… you know, like our new More Clean, Less WaitSM process. Vacuuming a vehicle looks a little different today than it did last year.
  • L is for Look. Be aware of your surroundings. Are there any hazards present? This could be as simple as making eye contact with customers as they navigate the parking lots.
  • A is for Assess. Do you and your teammates have the proper training and tools for the job? Is follow-up training required? Are you comfortable approaching your manager for more information?
  • M is for Manage. While it is the store manager’s responsibility to ensure all team members are trained, have the right tools for the job, and assess each work task to ensure everyone’s safety, we have a team approach to safety. You can take an active role in managing our safety culture by engaging your teammates and managers in discussions and holding each other accountable.

What tasks can your team come up with in which you can use the S.L.A.M. technique? Please share your ideas through our online Team Member Idea form. Let’s all make it a S.L.A.M. it Summer at work and home so we can enjoy all that the season brings with our friends and families.

Written by Gina Houser, Safety, Health & Risk Manager