Refer for a Free* Month

We want to reward you with a FREE* MONTH OF UNLIMITED!

Autobell® Car Wash is offering a reward to customers for new team member referrals.

At Autobell® we consider our customers to be an extension of our family, so it is natural for us to look to our best customers when it is time to hire new team members. You know our business and you have met the secret to our success - our team members!

Customer Referral Landing Page

Here is how it works in three easy steps:

  1. Share the news Autobell® is hiring with anyone you feel would make a great addition to our team and direct them to apply here:
  2. Let the applicant know that, when applying, they must select App Referral Program and include your app account email address in the referral box to receive a free month.
  3. Once the applicant has been hired and worked 40 hours, you will receive a free month of Unlimited washes.

Great perks for our team members include:

  • Base salary plus tips and other sales incentives or commissions.
  • Flexible scheduling - including no night work and working with friends.
  • FREE weekly car wash.
  • College scholarships - in 2021 we awarded 98 scholarships totaling over $150,000.
  • Ongoing leadership training opportunities that could lead to promotion opportunities to Manager and Store Manager.

View the Autobell® Team Member Referral Program Terms & Conditions.