Since February, Autobell has added three new stores to expanding markets in Hampton Roads, VA, and Charleston, SC. Each store came with its own unique set of design and building challenges during construction, from installing an underground water draining system to protecting a 100-year-old live oak tree.

Below are pictures and details of each new location as they opened this year.

Store 92 is open

The bell rang on February 5, and store #92 was born in Summerville, SC! Nine-year Autobell veteran Alec Woodside leads the team of 23 team members at this location, the second to open in the growing Charleston, SC, market. This location is also the first to have start-to-finish PECO Car Wash Systems equipment in the bay.

“The response from our neighbors in this community has been excellent, and they are very interested in Unlimited Plans! Since opening, we’ve sold more than 130 of those,” stated Alec Woodside. “I’m excited to continue bringing our high level of customer service to Summerville, and I look forward to our increasing footprint in the Charleston area.”

Store 90

Yorktown, VA, got its first Autobell Car Wash when #90 opened on March 6 and welcomed many customers in for a free car wash. Construction took longer than usual when a complicated network of drainage tubes to allow rainwater to flow back to the city was installed at the site. Store manager Spencer Criner leads the Virginia team of 35 at store #90 in our established Hampton Roads district.

District Manager Mike Hulburt, an Autobell veteran of 16 years in the Hampton Roads market, stated, “It has been gratifying to establish Autobell as a trusted member of the broader community here and see the successful growth that’s enabled by offering our customers exceptional service and consistent quality.”

Store 93

Our Charleston district grew to three locations when store #93 opened on May 11, during a global pandemic. One of the most striking features of this location is the 100-year-old Live Oak tree. The building and the parking lot could not be underneath this tree, which made the lot design interesting. Troy Swayney is the store manager for our newest location, which has been welcomed by the local community since opening.

“The response from our neighbors in the community has been excellent,” said Troy Swayney. “I’m excited for more opportunities to provide our enthusiastic level of customer care and timely service to the area and to build our presence in the market.”