Has one of your coworkers ever showed you their YETI mug, vintage laptop bag, or portable wireless charger they got as a gift from Autobell? You’re probably wondering right now how they got it and how you can get one as well. It’s simple. Take your customer service or sales to the next level, refer a friend to work at Autobell, or help a teammate in a pinch, and your manager may give you a WOW award, and you'll receive an email to select your Snappy Gift.

Autobell introduced the Snappy Gift program in May 2019 to reward team members who went above and beyond. Since its inception, the Snappy Gift program has issued over 1,200 gifts totaling more than $48,000 in value.

Here’s what some of our team members had to say about getting a Snappy.

Micah M. “Thank you for the amazing selection of gifts. I am so glad I work for this company.”

Joseph S. “Thank you, everyone. I feel really special getting 'Cashier of the Month,' and this definitely was a great gift to get and celebrate. Hope for many more in the future.”

Johnny R. “I appreciate this gift so much! I have so much respect for this company because they treat us so well. I feel rewarded and appreciated here!”

Store Managers - If you have questions about issuing a WOW award in HCMtoGO, please send an email to HR@autobell.com.

Snappy Gifts are a taxable item. Your paycheck will show a tax deduction based on the retail value of the Snappy Gift chosen.