The Importance of Consistent Car Washes to Combat Salt and Grime

Salt and grime from icy roads can wreak havoc on both the exterior and mechanical components of your car.


Snow and ice during the winter months come hand-in-hand with its challenges, particularly when it comes to your car's appearance and performance. Salt and grime from icy roads can wreak havoc on both the exterior and mechanical components of your car.

According to Ryan Moore, District Manager for Autobell Car Wash, implementing these preventative steps, you can shield your car from the damaging effects of winter elements. “I oversee our stores in the Asheville area where the roads are treated for winter weather and have become well versed in ways to keep cars looking and performing their best. “

Regular Interior and Exterior Washes: Frequent car washes during the winter are crucial to remove accumulated salt, dirt, and grime. “This is important to keep the paint on your car shining bright,” says Moore. He also recommends subscribing to an Unlimited Plan so you can wash as much as you want.

Underbody Wash: If you allow salt and grime to accumulate over time, it can lead to corrosion and rust, weakening the structural integrity of your investment. Next time you purchase an interior and exterior wash, consider adding an underbody wash to enhance your car care routine. “An underbody wash is important all the time, but after a winter storm has moved out, corrosion can occur and do significant damage,” says Moore.

Protectants: Applying a protectant provides an additional protective layer to your car's paint. “Autobell’s Super Polyprocess, includes our AUTOGLOSS sealant to protect the paint and add shine.”

Mats and Interior Protection: Shield your car’s interior from the corrosive effects of Brine, a salt and water solution that is sprayed on the roads that can track into your car's interior, damaging carpets and upholstery. Use rubber or all-weather floor mats to trap moisture and dirt. Consider a Premium Mat Cleaning with your next interior clean, when your rubber mats need more than a wipe down

Mechanical Maintenance: Winter maintenance is crucial for your car's performance. Regularly check and change fluids, especially your engine oil and coolant. Lubricate hinges, locks, and moving parts to prevent freezing. Consider using winter-grade fluids designed for colder temperatures.

Tire Care: Winter tires provide better traction in snowy and icy conditions. They also offer improved handling on salted roads. Ensure your tires are properly inflated and have sufficient tread depth to maximize grip. “Autobell uses a Robotic Wheel Commander to clean your wheels and help prevent a build-up of salt and grime which leads to corrosion and rust on your wheels,” says Moore. “This is an added benefit on every wash we offer.”

These are just a few of the ways you can keep your car looking and running its best when Mother Nature decides to usher in the winter weather.