The Impact of Autumn Leaves on Your Car

Solutions to leave you worry-free


The allure of autumn leaves is undeniable, but their effects on your car's paint and systems can't be ignored. With the potential for paint damage, corrosion, and clogged systems, neglecting your car's care during this season can lead to unnecessary headaches. To prevent problems, we’ve got solutions!

Effects on Paint


  • While leaves might appear harmless, they can damage your car's paint in several ways. The acidic nature of leaves, combined with moisture from rain or dew, can create a corrosive mixture that eats away at the protective clear coat and paint layers.
  • This can result in a dull and lackluster appearance, diminishing your car's aesthetic appeal and resale value.


  • Regularly washing your car and clearing away fallen leaves can prevent the buildup of corrosive substances.
  • Consider using a protective bond to provide additional insurance against the elements. Autobell’s AUTOGLOSS reduces friction, keeping weather, grime, bugs, and other outside elements, such as leaves, from damaging to your paint.

Effects on Systems


  • Leaves can also wreak havoc on your car's operations, including the drainage and cooling systems. As they accumulate around the base of your windshield and in the areas near the windshield wipers, they can block the drainage channels designed to carry rainwater away from your car's interior. This blockage can result in water seeping into the car, causing potential damage to electrical components and fueling mold growth.
  • If leaves accumulate in the vents and grilles, clogging your car's cooling systems, it can lead to overheating issues, as the proper flow of air to the engine is obstructed. The buildup of debris can also negatively impact the efficiency of your car's air conditioning and heating systems.


  • A proactive approach in autumn can save you from potential breakdowns and costly repairs as the weather turns colder. Be sure to clear the vents and grille regularly, or park under cover if possible
  • Cleaning out the drainage channels and removing leaves from vents and grilles will ensure that your car's systems function properly.

By adopting a maintenance routine that includes regular cleaning, protecting your car's paint, and clearing away leaves from critical areas, you can preserve your car's appearance, functionality, and resale value. Autobell’s Unlimited plan is an easy way to keep up with the maintenance during the demanding Fall season.