Is Your Car’s Interior as Clean as your Kitchen? It could be...

Next time you back out of your driveway, ask yourself: “When’s the last time I cleaned my car with the care that I disinfect my kitchen?”

We’re all using our kitchens more to cook at home while taking every precaution to sanitize stove tops and salt and pepper shakers. But, can the same be said for the place we’re spending more time these days - in the comfort of our cars?

To give all the high-touch surfaces in your car the same consideration as your kitchen counters, the experts at Autobell® recommend an Interior Disinfecting service once a week. This important step is FREE* with an interior cleaning and meets the EPA's criteria against COVID-19.

“You clean your kitchen more than once a month,” says David Reep, Autobell® Operations Manager. “So, it only makes sense to clean and disinfect your car’s interior with the same regularity as the hub of your home."

As an easy reminder, think of a chore you do routinely, like meal planning or grocery shopping, and add this until you form a weekly habit.

In the meantime, if you find there are too many cooks in the kitchen, put them to work with a few of our DIY tips to tackle car cleaning on a daily basis!

*The Autobell® Interior Disinfectant service is free with the purchase of a wash that includes interior cleaning. This offer is for a limited time only. For pricing and availability, visit